Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Wall

Dave was a 19 year old man. All through his life,
he was living with this wall around him.
His family cared about him a lot, but they
never really understood his behavior.
He feels as if he is mentally ill, but nobody
cared to listen. SO, he isolated himself from everyone
that cared about him. He lived life in solitude,
and his only friend was dude named Natas. Natas
said, if people got in ur way, get rid of them.

One day, Dave's dad got in his way, so he stabbed
him in his chest 5 times, luckily, the dad did
not die. But, Dave was sent to jail and was
found guilty of attempted murder and he would
spend 10 years of his life in prison.

Now Dave was really has a wall built between
him and his family. A wall that would stay
erect and will last for about a decade. As
years passed by, Dave remained silent. He
made a vow of silence until he is free again.

Then one day, he got a new cell mate named JC.
JC was very open and very friendly. He tried
to talk to Dave everyday but Dave just ignores
him. Each morning, JC would sing this one song ...

"All we like sheep have gone astray
If of us turning our own separate ways
we have all sinned and fallen short of YOUR glory
But your glory is what we desire to see
and in ur presence is where we long to be

Oh LORD, show us your mercy and grace
take us to your holy place
forgive our sins and heal our lands
we long to live in ur presence once again."

For three years, Dave and JC never had a
decent conversation, until one day, JC had
to go. As JC was about to leave, Dave came
up to him and said,

"Thank you for the song."
JC said, "You're welcome.", and smiled.

For the first time in Dave's life,
he felt someone understood him ,
and a tear fell from his eyes.

The next morning, the cell guard heard
someone singing JC's song..
"That's strange." He looked into
Dave's cell, and saw Dave on his knees,
with his eyes closed, and singing the song..

"All we like sheep.... "


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