Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My friends

I was just thinking about my how lucky I am that I have such great friends. I thank the Lord for surrounding me with people that care about me and want to protect me.

My oldest friend is Lorna Morta. I've known her since we were in elementary. She's married and currently lives in the Philippines.

The first friend I've made in Saipan is Mary Jane Bacani. I met her at WSR back in 1990. We used to belong in a group called "Sweet Settlers" and it sounds cheesy and all, but I loved being in that group. We had code names and rules and we even had a contract. SS #1 is Mary Jane, then I'm #2, Sarah Zano is #3 and Hazel Tudela is #4.

My best guy friend is a dude named Jerome. I've known him since I was 12 and he's such an amazing guy. He says he's not, but I know he is... deep down. I adore this dude and I believe in his capabilities. One day, he'll rule Saipan... just wait and see... LOL

Jennifer Javier Flores is my best girl friend. I remember telling her I didn't like labels because I used to have best-friends in elementary/jr. high and they never last. But I think our friendship has been tried and tested and I could definitely say she's my best-friend. She probably knows me inside and out. She's my counselor, my teacher, my confidante and just someone who I could totally be myself with. She's awesome! I miss you Jen.

Annette Pamintuan, "Red" is pretty special to me. We actually went to Jr. High together but only gotten close during our 11th year at MHS. Netty is awesome! We have so much in common and I adore her. She's intelligent, interesting, kind and loving. She lives in Guam right now and I really want to visit her... Just wait for me Netty.

Vanessa Reynante is the first friend I've made at UP. This girl is such an amazing woman of God. She has a great voice, intelligent, caring, loyal and hard-working. She loves her family and she only wants to do good things. She's in law school right now and I look forward to being with her soon...

This year, I've been blessed to have made two new friends: Patty Coleman and Rose White. Patty Coleman is awesome! She's energetic, intelligent, loving, kind and so charismatic. When I met her, we just clicked right away and we have so much fun talking... She's the one who got me into soccer so I'll forever be grateful for her.

Rose White is an amazing woman of God. She's a rolemodel to me. She's my mentor and I adore the ground she walks on... hehehe I wish I could be like her: strong-willed yet sensitive, passionate, loving and loyal. She has an amazing family and I'm glad the Lord has crossed our paths.

My friends mean the world to me. Like my family, they occupy a huge space in my life. I thank the Lord for friends... good friends...

Here are some of my other friends: Christopher, Arisa, Dennis, Terry, Tinay, Minna, Janneth Ecal, Cherry Anne, Ivery, Onat, Keith, Shan-chai, Deomar, Emily, Amy, Nick, Spiderman, Batman, Clark Kent, Ella, J. Lu., Kuya Ray, Ate Jhing, Kuya Ferdz, Kuya Benj, Pstr. Keith, Pstr. Joe, Ate Leila... more to come.... list could go on and on.

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