Sunday, February 4, 2007

A conversation with self

I looked at myself in the mirror
Who was it I saw?
The chubby girl with fat hanging loosely
Or those eyes that playfully glisten
Do my appearance reflect who I really am
Isn't my soul the real me?
Or this flesh that other see?

All through my life, I've been teased of being heavy
That if I just lost the weight I'll be so very pretty
I struggled to be pleasing
Exercising, dieting, binging, fasting
When I did lose weight, people noticed me more
But they have no idea of the pain
I had to endure

Do I want to conform?
So people will like me better
But if they only liked me
For the way I looked
They can't really know who I am
Because the true person lies within
This persona underneath my skin

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