Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New month

Can you believe its May already? Goodness gracious... time really does fly huh?
I have semi bad news... I decided not to pursue soccer. One, I really suck at it. Two, it's just not my thing. Sports is not for me. I tried it... I might have stuck to it longer, but what's the point right?

Life is all about experiencing new things... but also accepting the fact that not all things are meant for you. I have graciously accepted the fact that I'll never be a Sport enthusiast... it's just not in me. Okay. Case closed.

I was walking outside my house tonight, just thinking... of where my life is headed... what direction I need to take... the kind of people I have in my life. I was also thinking of the kind of person that I want to be....

Anyway, I'm enjoying my life now, but I know it could be better... I need to be in a creative environment. I need to be intellectually stimulated and not just waste away watching tv and vegging out all day. I tried that for three years, no thank you. Although it's tempting. It's easy for life to be lead that way, but isn't it just so boring? You're watching life pass by.... being a spectator to all the action when you can be a participant. I don't want to be an spectator my whole life. Even if I don't play such a significant role, I'd still want to be in on the action.
For now, I'm just going to look for new opportunities... new creative outlets.... so asta la vista.


Sunday, April 8, 2007

A new day has begun...

Happy Easter everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope y'all had a great time. I did. My day started at 5 am because our service at church was at 6. I had to dance with my tambourine team and it was so cool. I was getting better, so hehe. I love dancing, esp. in the morning. There's nothing like it.

Then afterwards, I attended a birthday party at the beach. It was hot but worth it. Batman came to the party! LOL It was so cute how the kids were going ga-ga for him. I went back to church for a class I'm taking then went straight to a friend's birthday party. That was fun because we sang karaoke and I'm always up for a singing party. I got like 98 on the scores too! LOL

I had an awesome time with this person last night... He was fun to be with and I like hanging out with him. I'm sort of used to having him around; talking to him. It's the closest thing to having a boyfriend. Speaking of which, what is a boyfriend anyway? Someone who is a witness to your life right? I heard that explanation from a movie once. A companion; someone to be with at events; someone who buys you dinner sometimes and just someone to be there for you; to laugh at your sometimes corny jokes and just smile at you for no reason.

I have to say that I'm quite happy with my life right now. Everything is going right and I love it.

I love you guys.

Missing y'all.
Anne of Saipan

Friday, March 30, 2007

New friend, new hairstyle

I met a new friend. His name is Jeff. He's really nice and he makes me laugh. (That's it!) LOL. I'm not sure if I like him-like him... maybe I do, but we're getting to know each other...

I also have bangs! For the first time in my life. I just wanted to do something different with my hair. I was going to get it colored but someone adviced me not so, so I didn't. Anyway, I like my new hairdo. It's something new, so I like it.

This afternoon, I just realized that I've grown so much. Everything. Physically, emotionally. I still feel stuck in the past at times, but I'm kind of redirecting that to the future.
Anyway, y'all have a great day.


What goes around comes around

I heard this song from Justin and I automatically loved it. I'm biased I know.. but whatever. I do agree with him though: what goes around DEFINITELY comes around.

I told my friend Ryan this a couple of years ago: whatever you give life, may it be good or bad, that's what you'll get back. So if you reap goodness, you'll sow goodness. If you reap negativity, you'll get negativity. It's pretty simple right?

Having my "down time" is pretty good. I'm taking a break from school for a while and just re-prioritizing things. It's going well. I have more time to think and contemplate on what matters most which is family, friends, and myself.

By the way, I have soccer practice today and my team's name is SONIC BOOMERS. I'm playing for the women's league here on island and I must say, it's pretty cool to belong to a team. I can't believe I'm a soccer player. Never imagined myself to be an athlete, but I guess now it's official. There's no turning back... LOL.

I was also thinking about motherhood for some reason. It was my favorite actress' b-day last Friday, Keri Russell, and she just recently got married on Valentine's Day and she'll be having a baby this summer. I don't know, it kind of makes me just want to settle down too.
I think I'm ready though. Yeah.... I'm ready to have a husband and settle down and have babies. :o) Golly, I'm growing up! LOL Seriously though, I wish I could meet my future husband already. I've been praying religiously for the past couple of months... I want to fall in love again. I'm ready now. :o) I previously said that I'm only going to marry my bestfriend but I guess I could make an exemption.

Anyway, y'all have a beautiful day!
Lovealways, Joan

Sunday, March 25, 2007


The service at church today was awesome! My pastor asked the youth to make a commitment to Jesus and the youth responded. Ten years ago, I wanted to become a pastor but my parents were worried that my future wouldn't be stable. It doesn't matter to me though because I know that wherever the Lord puts me, He will take care of my needs.

Last year, I let go of a lot of things that were bogging me down. I've cried every tear imaginable and I've felt every emotion known to man. But I can't live my life stuck in the past. I need to move forward and see what my next step would be.

Everyone that knows me thinks that my life is pretty good. That I have it made. Yes, I did live a privileged life and I have no complains. But people don't see the real me. The struggles I go through, internally and just being reconciled to myself.

I know that my God is real and I know that my God is awesome. I will serve Him all the days of my life and regardless of my circumstance, I will glorify His name.

I have made mistakes the last month and I may have annoyed certain people that were very nice to me. I have apologized and I have felt guilty. I have done my part and right now, maybe God is teaching me to be more patient towards people.

Not everyone would understand God's calling. But when God calls you to serve, every nerve in your body will be aching to go.

I wish I knew God's plan for my life. Sometimes when I can't see the silver lining, I whine as a daughter would to a father. But my trust is in the Lord and everything that I am belongs to Him and Him alone.


Thursday, March 15, 2007


Hi guys!

What a beautiful day to be alive.

I hope everyone is well-- somewhere out there.

Take care,

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shout out

To my role model: KERI RUSSELL
She finally did it!!!!

A beautiful child is on its way.

Way to go KERI.
You deserve EVERY GOOD thing.


KERI: irish; named after GRANDFATHER KERMIT.


U R MY prize.
U R MY joy.
U R MY world.


"Be strong and courageous. I will never leave you nor forsake."