Monday, February 19, 2007

Justice League Saipan (Youth Edition)

Leader of the pack: YESHUA
Name: J.A.T.A. aka J. to the A. aka Joshua A. aka Wilbur (Charlotte's Web)
Location: Saipan, NMI
Number: (all numbers)
Color: Yellow, but he wants red/blue/green (all colors)
Languages: English, Filipino, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean
Age: almost 7. He's counting the days. He'll be 7 on 3.7.07.
Built: Chunky (Peanut Butter - he's allergic though)
Activities: Painting, Tambourine, Soccer, anything his nana deer does
Idol: Superman. Spiderman. Batman. Chris Angel. Harry Potter. Buzz Lightyear.
Sport: Soccer. Running. Eating. (It's a sport. Ask him! He can race with you!)
Loves: Jesus. Arroyo family. Nana deer. His family. His bestfriends: Jordan, Sean, his soccer possee: SHARKS. His sister - who he teases and laughs at 'all' the time... like right now. They're playing soccer and Leila girl is crying because her Kuya is not giving her the ball. LOL.
Ambition: To be a vegetarian. I mean a vet. He also wants to be a famous soccer player when he grows up.
Love: Ms. P.W. (she will remain nameless for she is shy, like all 7 year olds are)
Dream of his heart: To fly
Hero name: Zeus. God of the Son.

Yeshua loves me unconditionally. His bday is coming soon, March 7. He's turning 7 and he wants a Justice League party. He wants to meet all these people IN REAL LIFE. I said, "How am I gonna do that Joshua?" He thinks I know Superman. LOL. So, anyone out there who knows how to get a hold of the Justice League Unlimited. PLEASE. PLEASE. Let me know. I want to make my boy's dreams come true.

Co-Captain: Ethan James
Name: Ethan aka EJ aka E aka J
Location: San Jose, CA
Number: 8
Color: Brown/neutral colors
Languages: English, Filipino, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean
Age: almost 7. He'll be 7 on 6.20.07.
Built: Athletic. But lactose intolerant.
Activities: Singing, dancing, running, chasing chickens, bicycling,
Idol: Winnie the Pooh. Dinosaurs. Buzz Lightyear.
Sport: Running. He's a lover not a fighter.
Loves: His daddy. His mommy. His Tita Anne. Amma. Ampa. Cousin Joshua and Leila. Immediate family from Saipan, California, Philippines
Ambition: To be a dinosaur. I mean study dinosaurs.
Love: Secret. The truth will be revealed when time would cease to exist. (WOW)
Dream of his heart: To be a T-Rex
Hero name: Ethan. He's a prophet.

Warrior Princess: Catheryn Leila
Name: Leila aka Chubs aka Wawa aka Kayla aka Ella
Location: Saipan, NMI
Number: undecided
Color: pink/green/lavender
Languages: English, Filipino, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean
Age: almost 5. She'll be 5 on 7.18.07.
Built: Slender. Athletic. Tall.
Activities: Singing, dancing, running, roller blading, bicycling, picking flowers and sticky birds, crying, whining (she doesn't whine anymore. she's not arte like her mom. joke. laugh.)
Idol: Ariel. Brats. Cinderella. All the Disney Princesses.
Sport: Anything she wants. She's built for any sport.
Loves: Arroyo family. Nina Jhing. Amma. Ampa. Nana bear. Immediate family from Saipan, California, Philippines. She loves her church. Jesus. GCA.
Ambition: To be a doctor/teacher/make-up artist/model/dancer
Love: not yet. she only loves her daddy and her friends: Ate Erin, Kuya Sean, her classmates: she can name them all. her teacher.
Dream of her heart: To be a mermaid.
Hero name: Ella. short for Gabriella.

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