Sunday, March 25, 2007


The service at church today was awesome! My pastor asked the youth to make a commitment to Jesus and the youth responded. Ten years ago, I wanted to become a pastor but my parents were worried that my future wouldn't be stable. It doesn't matter to me though because I know that wherever the Lord puts me, He will take care of my needs.

Last year, I let go of a lot of things that were bogging me down. I've cried every tear imaginable and I've felt every emotion known to man. But I can't live my life stuck in the past. I need to move forward and see what my next step would be.

Everyone that knows me thinks that my life is pretty good. That I have it made. Yes, I did live a privileged life and I have no complains. But people don't see the real me. The struggles I go through, internally and just being reconciled to myself.

I know that my God is real and I know that my God is awesome. I will serve Him all the days of my life and regardless of my circumstance, I will glorify His name.

I have made mistakes the last month and I may have annoyed certain people that were very nice to me. I have apologized and I have felt guilty. I have done my part and right now, maybe God is teaching me to be more patient towards people.

Not everyone would understand God's calling. But when God calls you to serve, every nerve in your body will be aching to go.

I wish I knew God's plan for my life. Sometimes when I can't see the silver lining, I whine as a daughter would to a father. But my trust is in the Lord and everything that I am belongs to Him and Him alone.


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