Thursday, January 25, 2007

The what if girl?

I always an inquisitive child. I always asked "What if?" or "Why?" I was never satisfied with just a plain answer. I need a thorough and complete answer... and I truly hated not knowing. Call me stubborn, okay... LOL but I really am. Sometimes when I write on my prayer journal, I would always tell the Lord, "I wish I knew your plans beforehand, but then again, I'd rather trust in You."

Imagine if God shows you your life.. everything about your life... from start to finish. You'd probably be overwhelmed. Even if the element of surprise is eliminated, the element of excitement may be eliminated as well.. and who'd want to live a boring life? I don't think anyone wants to be bored. That's why people try so many different things, to escape boredom... (like me right now, at work.. just kidding!)

I have this friend who I met up with last Tuesday and I was just telling him, "Thank God for myspace". Myspace has been so popular over the last couple of years and it will be the 'cool' thing for the next years or so, unless something cooler comes along. First it was friendster, then myspace, then now, may be blogger. In email, first it was hotmail, then yahoo, then now gmail. People get bored of the same thing over and over again. It's time to try something new. Get out of your comfort zone. Open your mind and dive into this world called 'the information superhighway' (it isn't called this anymore ofcourse... this term is outdated!)

"It's the start of something new... it feels so right to be here with you
And now looking in your eyes, I feel in my heart
The start of something new..."
(High School Musical, 2006)

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